Herbarium Supply is closed for the Winter. Stock is so low as little paper is being made. They tell me next Spring mills will be "considering" making specialty papers possibly in March? So, I am taking a long vacation possibly until April. Until then, the shopping cart will be disabled and we will not be selling product.
I shall update as a schedule becomes evident.

Coddington 14X MAGNIFIER- #719



In terms of performance, both the Hastings and the Coddington Magnifiers are second to none. Correction in the Coddington magnifiers is achieved through the use of a single thick lens with a central groove diaphragm. This provides for sharp, crisp images. Nickel-plated swing-away case. Lens diameter: 15.8mm; focal length: .8″. By Bausch & Lomb. A little trivia… “Coddington” Magnifiers got their name from their British inventor, Henry Coddington.

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